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    Rod is a 40 plus year radio personality.  Born and raised in Springfield MO. A graduate of Hillcrest High School and attended Central Bible College with a major in music.
    Many know him as “Rod on the Radio” but he’s more than a radio guy… he is  a talented professional musician who has traveled on the road with his family Gospel Music singing group called the Supernals and has  played for Bill Gaither’s Celebration Theater..Bobby Vinton..Dino Kartsonakis..  Kim Boyce and other artists and bands.  Rod is a music producer  and creative consultant for many bands and artists as well as TV shows through his production company SquareOne Communications.
    Rod loves to travel, fish and watch funny movies.  He is married to Tracey and has a lovely daughter Shannon and an awesome son-in-law Humberto.
    During severe weather you may hear him chasing tornados with the National Weather Service and his Ham Radio volunteers.